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    About us

    AVENTO Ltd. is Latvian company with 100 % local capital which already almost 25 years has been specialized in carrying out import-export deliveries of different vegetable oils. We have gathered ample experience by purchasing and selling vegetable oils in different markets and regions.

    Important vegetable oils producing states with which we cooperate are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

    In such Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines we purchase coconut and palm oil, palm olein and stearin.

    Rather lately, comparing with vegetable oils trading, our company has started to deal with international sugar beet molasses trading. In many ways this product is similar to vegetable oils. Transportation and storage of both products are almost the same. Both are products of food industry and both of them have great exporting potential.

    Almost all sugar beet molasses delivered by us is produced in Russia which is world's major sugar beets breeder and the largest sugar beets exported in the world.

    General realization markets for our company’s offered production are the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.

    The name of our company has been well known for a long time to leading Latvian food enterprises that use our delivered raw stuff in their production process. Thus, it could be said that our company’s upgrowth in the domestic market depends on upgrowth and development of these enterprises including their export abilities.

    In Latvian market is carried out about half from our delivered production and the second half is carried out abroad, basically to Lithuania and Estonia.

    Cooperating with various enterprises from different states we have had to deal with a wide range of questions: go deep and comprehend vegetable oils growing particularities, specifics of the crushing technologies, its difference in various regions, transportation and storage conditions and other questions regarding vegetable oils for ensuring stable, strategically well-bounded business today and onward.

    At any time we are ready to start cooperation with new partners, we are glad about every new client who has decided to delegate our company such important issue as perfect delivery of the raw stuff necessary for the enterprise.

    Our philosophy is 'Take care of your client’s well-being and well-being will reach you!'

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    Molasses. Molasses is very rich sugar industry byproduct. Molasses is being produced from sugarcanes and sugar beets. We are purchasing only sugar beet molasses and basically it is produced in Russian sugar factories. It is brown, sweet and treacly mass. Its greatest value is in dry matter existing sugar, 48-49 % average in molasses. Molasses has rather thick consistence at room temperature but it melts very good in warm water. Also molasses has protein, B group vitamins and sufficient amount of good mineral substances. Molasses is widely used in producing alcoholic drinks, yeast, citric acid and feed-stuff. At the moment the biggest amount of molasses is used for producing animal feed in Latvia.

    Sunflower oil. Refined sunflower oil is used for making high-quality, delicacy mayonnaises and sauces, producing margarine and canned fish of high quality, packing in bottles and as well as in cookery - mostly for salads and sauces in order to highlight taste particularities of the basic product. Unrefined sunflower oil obtained by pressing method is used as additive for feed as well as for usage in nourishment because natural product contains E and other vitamins, unsaturated fat acids necessary for people, and fresh pressed oil has its pecularity – many people like its taste and smell. Unrefined sunflower oil obtained by the method of extraction is used in manufacture of varnishes and paints and for other technical necessities.

    Rape oil. Refined rape oil is widely used in production of mayonnaises, different sauces, canned fish goods, margarine, ice cream, chips and etc. It is also packed into bottles. Large usage is based on comparatively lower price of the oil relative to the sunflower oil and on that that rape are grown in large quantities in Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and elsewhere in Europe.

    Unrefined rape oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil in Europe which is being used not only in food industry but more than half in Europe produced rape oil is used for non-food needs. The widest use of it, of course, is for biodiesel production, but also it is used in a variety of lubricating oils and other technical needs.

    In such countries as Canada and Australia rape is called canola.

    Soya oil. Refined soya oil is also widely used in production of mayonnaises, sauces, margarine, tinned fish goods and other products. It is also packed into bottles. Wide usage of it is also connected with that that it is the most available oil in the world. It is comparatively the cheapest from popular oils because it has been obtained from oil cultivated plants. Unrefined soya oil is very widely used as an additive to feed stuff production, manufacture of different varnishes, paints and soap. In countries with warmer climat which do not have winters soya oil like rape oil is widely used in manufacturing of biodiesel, for example, in Europe biodiesel produced form soya is popular in Spain and Portugal.

    Coconut, palm oil. Coconut and palm oils as well as palm oil processing products – palm olein and palm stearin mostly are used in production of margarine, bread goods and confectionery manufacturing as well as in soap producing and perfumery. As soya oil, palm oil in countries with torrid climat widely has been used in biodiesel production.

    Other oil cultivated plants processing products:

    Hydrogen (consistent) vegetable fats. One of the most significant processing products of vegetable oils are consistent vegetable fats. They are made from sunflower, soya, rape, palm and other oils by technological processing (adding hydrogen) in the result of what the received product is consistent with the temperature of melting from 24-52°C, therefore the consistent vegetable oils are widely used in margarine production, confectionery and other food industries.

    Rape, sunflower meal and oil cake. While processing when pressing oil out of sunflower or rape seeds there appears also another significant product – sunflower oil cake. In its turn, in the process of extraction when separating meal oil from oil cake there appears a product named sunflower meal of the pressing process. Both oil cake and meal are significant feed-stuff components.

    Also processing soybeans there are obtained soybean cake which are with protein abundant feed product and which relative to sunflower and rape meal is the most significant soybean product of processing.

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    We can offer information to our customers at any time about current prices for all goods groups we are trading in as well as about current month and a longer period of time in advance.

    If customer is not sure about its made production trading possibilities for a longer period of time in advance, or they are waiting for a positive for them change of prices on raw stuff in the nearest future, then we advise them to buy the minimal necessary raw stuff for them only for the nearest future, but if a customer is sure in himself and it is important for him to provide stable, non-changing realization prices for his clients (dealers, distributors) for longer period in advance, then it is important for him to buy the necessary raw stuff at fixed non-changeable prices for a longer period of time in advance. Thus, a producer is protected from unpleasant surprises in case there is an explosion of prices on a market of raw stuff.

    Vegetable oil prices are highly dependent on oil seeds and daily oil price changes in world board of trade of raw stuff goods, so the quotation is reviewed every day.

    CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade

    MPOB – Malaysian Palm Oil Board


    We can deliver worldwide to suit your timescales, by rail, container or vessel.

    Please feel free to contact us!

    E-mail: info@molasses.eu

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    Contact Us

    Avento, Ltd.
    Head office:
    Vienības gatve 87d,
    Rīga, LV1004

    Representative Partner in EU region and Middle East countries:
    Mr. Janis Upmalis

    Representative Partner in Asia and Pacific:
    Mr. (Peter) Imants Gailiss
    +886 917528799
    404, R.O.C, Taiwan, Taichung City, North District, MeiChuan West Rd., Sect. 4, House 147-5, Fl. 7-1
    404 臺灣台中市北區梅川西路4段147-5號7樓-1